With 25 locations across 4 states, we are among the largest privately-owned office technology companies in the western US. We are the partner of choice for thousands of organizations that look to us for essential automated office solutions including:


I couldn’t have been more impressed by your command of every technology and every aspect of our complex needs. I had heard great things about Kelley and now I see why. As a former advertising exec I know what it takes to know a client inside out, and walk that line between leading and following. You guys are true pros. Thank you for listening so well and helping us define our direction from the multiple voices you hear.

Gus, Commercial Real Estate Company

One great local company. Our printer is great ! We also bought an amazing 72 inch build in flat screen computer that rolls. Is the most absolutely amazing computer I have ever seen.

Jason, Black Diamond, WA

We have worked with Kelley Imaging for about 3 years. They’ve always attended to our needs and been very flexible to make everything work to our liking. We get supplies delivered quick and without issue. Our machines work well and getting techs out to service them in a timely fashion is never a problem. Charles, Curtis, Jordan, and April have been great in assisting us to meet our needs and keep up to date machines!

Chance, Bellevue, WA

Our company has had it’s fair share of problems and differences but we’ve been with them for a really long time and we gave them another chance. Kelley Imaging has come through for us. We use Kelley solely for Copier and toner supplies for our copiers. Their technicians come out on-site in a reasonable amount of time and they’re more than willing to explain and show me what they’re doing and share some tricks and tips. Shout-out to techs Kirk & Paul. Great job.

Paul, Frankfort, KY

My company has been working with Kelley for several years. I appreciate their knowledge and expertise for all of my office equipment needs. They really take the time to understand my company, and offer solutions that not only save us money but make us more efficient. Working with Terry and Brent could not be easier. They have literally designed solutions that I did not even know were possible. In addition, they are able to help set up equipment for our offices in different cities and states very easily.

Jeannie, Bellevue, WA

Great customer service, friendly employees & the drivers went out of their way to help with our delivery needs. The coordination by the warehouse manager was fantastic, and adapted to work around our schedule.

Carl, Seattle, WA

Kelley Imaging is the premier provider of office technology products, mailing equipment and software solutions, and IT services in the Pacific Northwest.



At Kelley Imaging, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the kind of service and attention they would normally only receive from a much smaller company. Here’s how we put that customer service dedication into action!

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Printing & Reprographics Services Available

Whether you’re looking for custom banners or unique documents, the team at Kelley Imaging can help! Dedicated to not only offering the best in copiers and printers, managed services, and print supplies, we can also offer custom printing solutions for specialty, wide format, laminated, and bound print jobs. Find out more about the print services we have available, and get in touch with our team to plan your next print job!

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Each industry comes with unique demands that affect which office technologies your company must have in order to thrive. Our deep experience with specific industries gives us a huge advantage in efficiently assessing your office technology requirements and designing a customer solution that meets your business’ needs.

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