How Your Business Can Benefit from Content Management

You probably feel your business is running smoothly and efficiently. Take a closer look, and you’re likely to find that there are many manual steps for even the most basic business functions, many driven by the movement of paper documents from one employee or department to another.

Content management provides an infrastructure for efficient handling of documents electronically, and is often referred to as document management, or Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Why Adopt ECM?

To start with, paper documents add cost to business processes:

  • Creating and printing takes time, and requires costly printing equipment and associated supplies
  • Distributing, filing, and storing archived documents adds manual steps and needs continuously growing storage space, which is often at a premium
  • Paper documents can be misplaced, damaged or destroyed, or read by unauthorized personnel
  • Special forms are expensive, and require frequent updates as needs or legal requirements change
  • Delays in handling paper documents can slow down the pace of business, which is increasingly important in today’s competitive environment
  • Green initiatives are a major objective of most businesses, including the move toward a paperless office. ECM enables your business to make a significant move in that direction

How often have you had to wait for someone to locate a specific document in order to answer a business question? How long have you made a customer wait for information on an important order?

Content management (ECM) provides the solution for improving efficiency and reducing cost. It also enables your business to get more done in less time, with fewer resources. Morale is even increased for employees, who are no longer saddled with the dreaded paper-shuffling back and forth.