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How Your Business Can Benefit from Content Management

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How Your Business Can Benefit from Content Management You probably feel your business is running smoothly and efficiently. Take a closer look, and you’re likely to find that there are many manual steps for even the most basic business functions, many driven by the movement of paper documents from one employee or department to another. Content management [...]

Paperless Office – Myth or Reality?

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Paperless Office –Myth or Reality? Does your business run on paper, or is it the other way around? You may never totally eliminate every document or piece of paper flowing through your office. There are some documents that legally require physical printed form and manual signatures: Contracts Certain government documents Tax documents, depending on federal, [...]

Pros and Cons: On-Premises vs. Cloud-Based Document Management

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Pros and Cons: On-Premises vs. Cloud-Based Document Management When you get down to actually implementing a new document management system for your company, one of the first questions you’ll encounter is, “Should we move everything to the cloud?” Cloud storage, customer management, and computing have potential to revolutionize the way your [...]

6 Document Management Solutions by Industry

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6 Document Management Solutions by Industry Document management is not one size fits all. Some companies might value storage capacity while others might need speed. In some cases, it might make sense to go with cloud-based solutions while in others, on-site servers might be needed. From system management to custom applications, document management solutions vary widely [...]