Despite how much advanced technology has become a central part of caring for patients, healthcare remains an industry reliant on paper documents. As a result, many healthcare organizations are forced to regularly contend with unnecessary challenges and inefficiencies, all while often overpaying for their printing needs in the process.

Common Challenges That Healthcare Organizations Are Up Against

The healthcare field may be one of the most challenging industries. While many people think of the trials doctors and nurses must face every day, those working behind the scenes to keep healthcare organizations running also have no shortage of obstacles to overcome.

While healthcare professionals will always work in a demanding industry, Kelley Imaging has been successful at helping institutions in this field better function and serve their patients.

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Are Piles Of Paperwork Making You Ill? Let Us Help

Kelley Imaging Can Help Your Healthcare Organization Better Serve Its Patients

Our company offers a wide range of services that we can customize for the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Below are the three most common examples.

Managed Print Services

These services were designed to do two things:

  • Ensure that our clients are never without the equipment or printing supplies they need
  • Help these clients reduce unnecessary overhead related to inefficient printing practices

We also support mobile printing services, which allow users to manage their printing needs from smartphones and tablets, no matter where the actual
printer is.

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Document Management and Digital Conversion

Better document management means healthcare providers can better communicate about their patients’ needs. If you’ve been putting off the transition, know that Kelley Imaging is able to automate the entire process. This includes everything from turning your hard copies into digital ones, organizing them, and making this information easy to access by approved parties.

We also partner with some of the biggest names in the business to better serve our healthcare clients:

  • DocuWare
  • Treeno Enterprise Document Management
  • RightFax
  • ABBYY Software
  • PB Relay Hub
  • PlanetPress

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Mailing and Distribution

Providing patient care includes communicating with patients and insurance providers in a timely and efficient manner. Kelley Imaging works with leading vendors, like Pitney Bowes, to provide solutions that ensure this communication is secure and confidential and can be distributed quickly.

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Managed Network Services

Your healthcare institution needs a powerful, customized network designed to give providers the support they need to do their work. We can build you one from the ground up or modify the current version you have. You can even depend on us for important tasks like:

  • Vendor Management
  • Automated Network Managing
  • Onsite Local Support

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Secure Data Distribution to Meet Regulatory Requirements

From ensuring that printed documents are not accessible except to those who requested through Kelley Imaging provided print/release solutions, to using File Based Processing of invoices and statements on our secure inserting systems, Kelley Imaging can help you avoid significant fines and customer issues to help meet HIPPA and other industry regulations.

Printing Services for Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals, & Healthcare Facilities

From custom banners and mailers to custom document creation, the printing services and reprographic team at Kelley Imaging can produce the graphics and printed materials that your healthcare office or hospital needs. Get additional details on our available services, and then send our team your precise specs. The wide-format, large-format, or custom graphics your office needs are right around the corner with Kelley Imaging.

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Kelley Imaging Is Ready To Help Your Healthcare Institution

Put our solutions to work and you’ll soon find that the most challenging problems hindering your healthcare institution become some of the easiest to manage. Contact us today to learn more about these solutions and how they apply to your specific requirements.

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