A Customer Communication Strategy Designed Uniquely for Your Business

Kelley Imaging is one of many choices in the Pacific Northwest that companies can turn to for Print solutions. Most can provide you with equipment and software that help your print application run more efficiently, Document Management solutions that streamline that process, and IT Managed Network Service solutions to run your organization more securely and efficiently. What separates Kelley Imaging from other providers is a more comprehensive solution set that takes into consideration all of what Print is about.

Print is a subset of Customer Communications, whether that be internal or external customers. As part of a Customer Communication strategy, companies also need to consider the rest of what that means besides print. This would include in most cases some or all of the following:

  • How do we deliver the communications to our customers (physical and digital delivery options like mail and email)?
  • How do we measure how our customers are engaging after we deliver the communication, and how can we use the customer engagement data to help understand the demographics of customers?
  • What additional platforms for customer communication are we using, or should we be using?
  • How does this tie in with our Marketing strategy for external customers and target customers?
  • And finally, how do we coordinate all of these to ensure that our final Customer Communication strategy is effective and consistent.

In most cases, the above points are what companies do consider and partially accomplish, usually through multiple vendors and suppliers, and many times having different internal departments using different solutions. The reason for this is simple…companies are working with separate Print, Mail/Distribution and Marketing vendors and there is no easy way to coordinate the entire communication strategy.

One Partner, One Solution, One Goal

With Kelley Imaging, the above Customer Communication strategy solution becomes clearer. Of all the print solutions providers, only Kelley Imaging offers solutions for each of the above considerations. This allows customers to work with a single solution provider and incorporate your marketing strategy, as Kelley Imaging understands how all these issues work together and can design a multi-faceted solution that is scaled correctly for your application. More importantly, by having one company addressing all these needs, companies can escape the conflicts that arise from using multiple providers and trying to align them to reach one goal.

Kelley Imaging provides Customer Communication solutions that are focused on your internal and external customer needs. Kelley Imaging is truly interested in lowering your overall print and distribution costs, and we provide hardware, solutions and digital options that result in not only lowering costs, but can also improve customer relationships by communicating with the customer in a manner in which they prefer.

In addition, Kelley Imaging also provides

While all of the Print providers will talk to you about lowering equipment costs, we at Kelley Imaging want to talk to you also about lowering overall print volumes and distributions costs, and increasing revenues. With our complete spectrum of Customer Communication solutions, we are looking to not just be your vendor, but your partner in increasing revenues.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how Kelley Imaging can help design and implement a customer communication solution for your organization!

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