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Every company needs print services. In many organizations, print costs are taking up 2-3% of a company’s overall revenues.

Unfortunately, most companies have no idea how much these essential services are costing them. Even if the total amount isn’t especially large, this kind of unknown spending is never healthy for a business. Over time, it can end up costing a fortune.

This kind of mismanagement also leaves companies regularly lacking the materials they need for normal operations.

Frequently Asked MPS Questions

There are a number of industries that will find managed print services to be most beneficial. Among them are the legal industry, the healthcare industry, education, and auto dealerships. Get answers to specific questions below, and learn how Kelley Imaging can benefit each industry.

More and more companies are making the transition to cloud-based services and cutting their reliance on physical documents. Companies that utilize MPS find that their workflows become simplified with the switch to virtual documents.

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Using remote management services, MPS can monitor printer usage. This data accumulates overtime and allows an MPS provider to calculate costs. Print management software tracks the supplies used and waste created while also providing incentives to cultivate more efficient habits in employees.

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MPS is more cost-efficient in several ways. In the absence of MPS, many of the toughest printing jobs become more expensive. When considering all the variables involved, managed print services continue to generate greater and greater savings.

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The answer really depends on the situation. The Kelley Imaging team will help you come to a decision about whether to provide printer repair services or replace a device altogether. This decision making process comes hand in hand with remote monitoring.

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24/7 printer support provides you with the ability to scale your printing environment in accordance with the growth of your organization. With the support provided by MPS, your IT team is free to focus on other tasks while saving you on associated costs. You’ll also enjoy 100-percent uptime of all equipment as a result of preventative maintenance and remote monitoring.

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Thanks to the around-the-clock support available with managed print services, your IT team will no longer have the responsibility of printer repair or maintenance. Backup systems will work with your current infrastructure to relieve your IT team of several issues that they currently have to spend time on.

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Improved network security is one of the latest innovations available with managed print services from Kelley Imaging. Your security measures will have redundant features to protect your organization. Device security is reinforced by access-point security at the network level, and can keep the contents of your printing jobs confidential. And with end-of-life security, your old machines will never provide a third-party with proprietary information.

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The Kelley Imaging Difference

We understand the importance of printing solutions and how easy it can be to lose sight of them. That’s why we offer our Managed Print Services. Clients receive the print services and support they need so their company can focus on meeting their customers’ needs.

At Kelley Imaging, we offer a full range of managed print service programs tailored to fit the size and need of any organization. We take all the guesswork out of your printing needs!

Our managed print services are a cost-effective way to streamline your company’s printing without suffering from unnecessary limitations. This popular solution covers a combination of service, supply and hardware needs, and is custom-designed based on your unique business. This makes it incredibly easy to properly budget and manage your printing costs.

Some examples of these solutions include:

  • Remote Monitoring
  • National Service and Support
  • Repair and Maintenance

Optimize Your Workflow

Mobile Print Services

One especially popular solution we offer is our mobile print service. Given the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, it only makes sense that so many of our clients want to use them to manage their company’s printing needs. This kind of added agility allows them to continue supporting their business’ normal functions no matter where they are.

When designing the mobile print services offered at Kelley Imaging, we focused in on the needs of IT administrators.

This is why our mobile print clients can:

  • Print in every popular format
  • Print on any printer from any device
  • Forego managing multiple print drivers

As a result, IT administrators receive the services they need to better do their jobs without any added hassles.

Printer Plus Program

We created our Printer Plus Program to help reduce our customers’ service costs. With this program, you will receive free service (labor) on your printers. While we stand by the high-quality designs of the machines we sell, you’ll never again have to worry about rolling up your sleeves and wasting time should your printer ever stop working correctly.

Best of all, to qualify for this program, all you have to do is purchase your machines’ toner from us – at our guaranteed low pricing. That’s it!

New Printers

We are proud to offer new and refurbished laser printers at low costs. The popular brands we carry include:

The CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark identifies organizations that provide best-practice based managed print services leveraging remote monitoring technology and on-premise print services. This credential goes only to businesses that demonstrate superior competency and dedication to quality service delivery.

Strategic Support Team

Our Strategic Support department adds a powerful dimension to the way we help our clients succeed. Whether your company needs traditional supplies like ink and toner or full desktop printing support, our Strategic Support department will always be here, ready to provide assistance.

Contact us today for a free printing cost analysis and find out how much you can save with Kelley Imaging’s Managed Print Services!

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