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Since 1974, Kelley Imaging has provided companies throughout the Pacific Northwest with the printing hardware and services they need to improve the way their offices operate. Over the years, we’ve developed a broad suite of IT solutions that address common business challenges like:

  • Cost-effectively purchasing, managing and maintaining your printers, scanners and copier machines
  • Streamlining essential business processes
  • Protecting your business-critical data and managing your IT network
  • Lowering your print volumes and distribution costs
  • And much, much more.

Company Snapshot

  • Office Magazine’s Top Dealer Award Winner for 8 Straight Years
  • Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Puget Sound
  • 1 of Washington’s Top 75 Corporate Philanthropists by the Puget Sound Business Journal
  • 25 Offices Across Montana, Oregon, Washington and Alaska
  • Toshiba Certified Innovation Dealer for the West Coast
  • The Partner of Choice for 1000s of Companies Throughout the Pacific Northwest

If your business needs are outpacing your company’s ability to grow, Kelley Imaging has the hardware, services, and experience to help you scale up while controlling costs, reducing waste, minimizing downtime, and managing visibility.

Comprehensive Solutions And Individual Attention

Your company has specific needs that can’t always be met by going through a single, local supplier. However, you may worry that choosing to rely on a larger company would mean foregoing the individual attention your business needs.

Kelley Imaging offers the best of both worlds

With 25 locations across 4 states, we are among the largest privately-owned office technology companies in the western US. We are the partner of choice for hundreds of organizations that look to us for essential automated office solutions including:

  • Leading hardware supplier of copiers, printers, mailing equipment, inserters, and more
  • Digital Convergence
  • Document Management
  • Managed Print Services
  • Managed Network Services
  • Digital Signage
  • Mailing, Sending & Distribution Solutions
  • Print Services
  • Wide-Format Printing
  • Production Printers

We partner with the world’s leading technology companies so our clients never have to worry that they aren’t getting the best possible solutions for their needs when they choose Kelley Imaging.

At the same time, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the kind of attention they would normally only receive from a much smaller company. Despite all of the major services we offer, clients have one contact point for everything they need, as if they were relying on a much smaller supplier.

Industry-Specific Experience

Your industry comes with unique demands that affect which office technologies your company must have in order to thrive. Our deep experience with specific industries gives us a huge advantage in this regard. While every company is different, we can assess your office technology requirements by referencing what we already know about your industry.

Examples of industries we have extensive experience with include:

Office technology solutions have changed a lot since our company first began selling and servicing copiers and printers. Today, technology can make all the difference to an organization’s success. If you’d like to learn more about how automated office solutions can help your company improve its performance, contact us today.

The Kelley Imaging Mission

Our company’s mission is to ensure that our clients are able to efficiently and affordably communicate with their customers. As we understand the importance of making the right impression every time you touch base with a client – regardless of the reason – we only offer products and services that we know will reflect well on your business.

If your company values the ways with which it communicates with clients, we’d love to show you how Kelley Imaging can improve those connections. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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