Xerox Production Printers

Unmatched Quality & Efficiency for High-Volume Enterprise Printing

Choosing the right production printing solution is easy when you partner with Kelley Imaging. Kelley Imaging recommends Xerox production printers for their unmatched quality and efficiency. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology to improve printing turnaround, Xerox production printers provide you the opportunity to run more print jobs faster than ever before.

When you need to run large print orders to meet demanding business needs, no multifunction printer is better-suited to the job than Xerox’s catalog of production printers. From the Xerox D-Series to the Versant V180 and V3100 series, you have access to robust in-line finishing options, reliable problem-free operation, and industry-leading automation for the most critical print processing tasks.

These versatile, scalable devices will help you simplify, automate, and enhance your printing capabilities. Xerox production printers are the perfect solution for everything from an on-premises marketing department to a full-production print house.

Whether you choose a monochrome or color printer, be certain that your printing department will be head and shoulders above the competition in terms of quality, price-competitiveness, and durability – benefits that are sure to attract new business.

Industry-Leading Color and Resolution Comes Standard

Xerox’s production printers offer high resolution text and deep, vibrant coloration. The quality of your print materials will showcase the value of your organization and your commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality in all of the work you do.

Each of our Xerox production printers support a wide range of media types and print at up to four times the number of pixels per inch as competing printing presses. With a range of in-line finishing options, you will be able to produce booklets, manuals, brochures, and more with only a few simple presses of a touchscreen interface button.

Xerox D-Series

With print speeds of between 100 and 125 136 pages per minute, the Xerox D-Series is one of the fastest and most powerful printers of its type. It is a monochrome light production printer that combines industry-leading speed with large document capacity, high quality scanning, and full network compatibility.

With the Xerox D-Series in your arsenal, you can produce high-resolution back-and-white documents with ease. These printers support resolutions of up to 2400 x 2400 dpi, feature a short paper path that handles documents efficiently, and environmentally friendly small-particle toner that delivers prints of extraordinary quality.

These printers come with five standard trays, supporting up to 4,250 sheets of standard, custom, and oversize paper. You can print on paper stock of up to 253 gsm or 140 pound index in weight. Add in the optional dual-tray high-capacity feeder and you are ready for uninterrupted long print runs of up to 4,000 sheets at a time.

Add in the optional standard finisher to improve your workflow. This finisher allows for multi-position stapling, multiple hole punching, stacking, and interposing with color insertion and tabs in one device. The standard finisher turns your D-series printer into a robust commercial document-producing powerhouse.

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Xerox Versant V180 Series

The Versant Series color printers combine cutting-edge workflow automation and print quality with a compact footprint, ideal for busy offices and enterprise print shops. This high-volume printer can easily support the creation of 80,000 pages per month, and features full color printing and copying at up to 2400 x 2400 dpi.

The printer creates documents with sharp images, detailed shadows, and bright colored highlights. Xerox Automated Color Quality suite ensures that your prints feature uniform brightness and color saturation, even with long, complex print runs.

This printing press lets you easily automate your workflows and apply pre-defined settings to print orders using its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The control panel is nearly identical to that of all Xerox printing engines, eliminating the learning curve for staff already familiar with using smaller Xerox printers.

Xerox Versant printers support paper weights of between 52 and 350 gsm, delivering consistently high-quality coloration through long printing runs – mid-run stacker quality checks ensure that document consistently is upheld. In fact, this printer’s demonstrated mean and peak delta shifts are among the lowest in the industry.

Xerox Versant V3100 Series

This fully automated digital printing press represents the pinnacle of Xerox development and innovation. It features Ultra HD 10-bit resolution without downsampling, and creates 2400 x 2400 documents at a rate of 100 pages per minute.

You can expect to print up to 250,000 pages per month without overexerting this powerhouse of a printer. In fact, the Xerox Versant V3100 Series can support up to 1.2 million pages per month at its maximum capacity.

With Xerox technology supporting its automated color quality suite through a Full Width Array, it produces documents of unsurpassed color consistency, depth and vibrancy.

The V3100 automatically flushes misfeeds, reducing jam clearance times and allowing the device to automatically recover without user intervention. This, along with its 9,900-sheet maximum paper capacity, makes it especially useful for enormous print runs that must meet demanding deadlines.

Add any of Xerox’s high-volume finishing add-ons to turn the V3100 into a full-scale publishing solution. It is compatible with the Xerox Production Ready Finisher Booklet Maker, the Interface Decurler Module, and the GBC eWire binding module.

Choose from between three print servers to gain optimal control over your print production workflow – the Xerox EX-P 3100 Print Server Powered by Fiery, the EX-3100 Print Server Powered by Fiery, or the Xerox FreeFlow Print Server. Each of these print servers offers unique advantages to businesses with high-volume printing needs.

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Identify the Right Xerox Production Printer for Your Business

Investing in a high-volume production printer is an important decision for any organization. It is critical that you assess your current environment, growth initiatives, and business demands in order to ensure you get the right printer for your needs.

Contact Kelley Imaging and enjoy a consultation with a Xerox production printer expert. Let us help you procure the perfect production printer to meet your business needs.

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